C-RTK module GPS for Pixhack Flight Controller

C-RTK module GPS for Pixhack Flight Controller

12C expansion board and LED lamp module accessories for Pixhawk flight controller

12C expansion board and LED lamp module accessories for Pixhawk flight controller

WiFi to Radio Module for SX/P900 Telemetry module (2.4GHZ)


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WTR is a new application in UAV ground station module for transmitting end WiFi transmission speed, the ground end of digital data into wireless WiFi data, realize the computer or mobile phone WiFi wireless connection UAV, instead of the traditional speed Bluetooth transmission module, to achieve a more reliable and convenient

FAQ common problems
WTR's WiFi name and password
SSID is cuav wtr_xxx (XXX is generated according to the internal MAC address)
WiFi password: cuavwtr666 (lowercase)
How to modify the WiFi name and password of WTR? 
Modified by downloading the cuav hflight app http://fw.cuav.net/apk/HFlight.apk
Support baud rate type
Only 57600 baud rate is supported at present

wireless standards IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11b
transmission speed 11g: Up to 54Mbps, 11b: up to 11Mbps
WIFI communication
150-500 meters (depending on computer or mobile phone)
baud rate 57600
attended mode UDP:14550
channel range 1 - 13 (default 11 channels)
frequency range 2412 - 2472MHz
transmitting power 18dbm
WIFI safety WPA/WPA2 security mechanism
communicating protocol Malvink+ pass-through
traffic rate 57600
working voltage 5V +- 0.25V
Size in mm (without antenna) 47 x 32 x 12
working current 100MA
working temperature -20 - 50°C
Operation humidity 10% - 90%RH (non condensing)
Storage Temperature -40 - 80°C
Storage Humidity 5% - 90%RH(non condensing)
Connector  JST-GH 1.25mm 6P  
WIFI Information  
Passwrd cuavwtr666


Wireless forwarding interconnection
In particular the UAV operations, often require long-distance communication link number, the number of long-distance transmission can only be connected with traditional computer communication through the cable, this will enable the operator to set up ground station in temporary communication is constrained.
After using WTR, these problems do not return, WTR will end ground digital TTL signal into WiFi signal, connected via mobile phone or

computer, direct transfer can be set up in height to the ground, thus the UAV communication distance farther, more stable.

Support equipment
TR can convert the TTL signal into WiFi hotspot, and through the UPD transmit and receive support for computer and mobile phone connecting multiple devices at the same time

Built in fault tolerant algorithm
In practical application, the signal is not ideal, prone to incomplete data and disorder of the built-in WTR module mavlink flight data checking and fault tolerant algorithm with high performance, the algorithm will be two times the processing of sending and receiving data, avoid the incompleteness of data and data errors.

Package Included
1 x CUAR WTR WiFi Module