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Online RC shops in India

RC Mumbai is one of the best hobby shops, India selling high-quality RC products at affordable price. The items include Multirotors and its parts, Flight controllers and its accessories, Lithium polymer batteries, and fittings, cars and parts, Helis and fixtures. 

The descriptions of all the items are given on the site to save your time. Then what are you waiting for, surf the internet and ready to shop online!


RC hobby India

The online store of RC Mumbai is dealing with the favorite brands like Hobbywing, EMax, Flysky, SkyRC, Gensace, Dji and more. It is the best quality hobby shop in India well-known to deliver excellent products at your doorstep. The items are shipped on the same day at which the order is placed.

The products are categorized as-

Hardware and accessories- The items included are battery connectors, spinners, and adaptors, covering film, servo wire and plugs, Nylon spacers, Building materials, Electric ducted fan, Ultrasonic sensors, and other hardware.  The silicon wires include 18 AWG, 14 AWG, 12 AWG and 10 AWG among others.

Cars and parts- These have objects like RTF, car spares, tools and accessories, car kits and boat accessories.

Lithium polymer batteries - It is the best RC hobby in India dealing majorly in batteries of different voltage and capacities. The items under this category are- Lipo batteries, LifePO4, Lithium-ion batteries, NiCad batteries, Lipo safe bags, Lead Acid batteries, TX/RX batteries and more. Tattu and Gens Ace are the major brands in cells.

FPV Racing- The group has propellers, frames, ESC, Track equipment, Micro quads, Tools, Track equipment, FPV racing cameras, Racing combos, and pre-built models. 

Planes and Parts- All the things needed to run planes are available in this RC hobby India. UBEC and Regulators, Lighting accessories, Motors, Servo, Flight controllers and accessories, Tools, motors, Radios, and Receivers make a part of this group.

Helis and parts- RTF or BNF, speed controller, servo, and tools are available in this RC hobby shop in India.

Besides the shop have motors and accessories, servo, propellers, appliance, electronic speed controllers, undercarriages and wheels, linkage stopper, clevises, horns, and hinges, covering film and linkage stoppers. 

Nearly all the items needed for RC machinery are available at a pocket-friendly price and moreover, the quality is excellent. Now, you don’t have to waste your time searching for the impaired machine parts or RC electronics as they are available at the tip of the finger. 

Visit the official site of RC Mumbai to have a look at the featured products and new products. You will get the reward points on the purchase of goods. We promise unsurpassable quality and timely delivery.