Boscam RC 805  5.8Ghz 8 Channel AV Receiver

Boscam RC 805 5.8Ghz 8 Channel AV Receiver

CUAV ONE BOX Integrative 900MHz Datalink with 48CH 5.8G Video Receiver


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CUAV ONE BOX is an image transmission digital integrated receiver developed for Mavlink, built-in 500MW digital SIK (915Mhz/433Mhz), OLED 128*64 screen and microprocessor, can display the flight condition and the video state, through the MICRO USB interface to access the mobile phone or computer can be obtained at the same time real time flight of UAV video and Mavlink data, and digital link,and this receiver has a lot of advantages, it is much easier,you could use the original data and video transmitter, and it can be connected to the phone and computer by a OTG USB line.



- SIK Data Transmission Frequency: 915Mhz 
- SIK Data Transmitting power: 500mw 
- Data transmitting communication distance: 1-2km *No shelter and no interference environment
- Video receiver frequency: 5.8Ghz 
- Video receiver channel : 42 channel 
- Video frequency and condition: standard wire gain(Data Transmission): 3dBi - Standard wire gain (5.8G):5dBi 
- Video input and output standard:Analog AV 
- Video resolution: 640*480 
- Working condition and physical reference: Battery capacity and working hour
- Outside connection external 3.6v 2200mah working hours: 3-5 hours
- Antenna interface: SMA 
- Working voltage: 5V +-0.25 
- Charge voltage: 5V +-0.25
- Working current: max 5V 700mA
- OLED display resolution: White 128x64 
- Working tempurature: -10~50° 
- Size: 49x39x17.5mm


Your Purchase Includes:
- 1x ONE BOX Integrated Receiver 
- 1x External Battery 
- 1x AV Wire 
- 1x OTG Wire 
- 1x 915M Antenna 
- 1x 5.8G Antenna




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