Tarot Parabolic device /B TL2961-02

Tarot Parabolic device /B TL2961-02

Tarot Thrower/Air Thrower/Electronic Thrower/Quick Press/Large Load 20KG TL2962

Tarot Thrower/Air Thrower/Electronic Thrower/Quick Press/Large Load 20KG TL2962

Tarot Thrower/Aerial Dropper\Servo Dropper/14KG/Double Throw TL2961-03


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Product Description:
·Tarot's newest 14KG mounted double thrower
·Made of 6061 aluminium alloy,high strength and light weight,full weight 98 grams,can carry 10-14KG cargo
·The thrower has a strong torque and the lanyard should be as thin and slippery as possible to reduce drag
·Servo is a Tarot custom 26kg metal digital servo
·High strength,high precision,wear resistant metal gears,high quality hollow cup motors
·Robust metal housing, heat stable up to 120 degrees

Servo Parameters:
Dead band:4μs
Neutral Position:1500μs/330hz
Motor: Core motor
Remote control Angle:90-120°±2°
500-2500μs Angle:180°±2°
Voltage range:4.8V-6.0V
Operating Speed(4.8V):0.22''/60°
Operating Speed(6.0V):0.18''/60°
Stall Torque(4.8V):24 kg.cm
Stall Torque(6.0V):26 kg.cm
Connector Wire Length: JR  260 mm
Bearing: 2BB

Controlled on and off by the servo, the servo is controlled by a three-position PWM channel on the remote control. Please set the appropriate amount of travel in the remote control so that the dropper can work within the normal travel otherwise the servo may be burnt.

Double throw Dropper/with Servo (98g) × 1
Cup head socket head cap screws (M3 x 10mm) × 4
Nut (M3) × 4

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