CUAV ONE BOX Integrative 900MHz Datalink with 48CH 5.8G Video Receiver

CUAV ONE BOX Integrative 900MHz Datalink with 48CH 5.8G Video Receiver

SX Telemetry Radio 900mhz 1000mw for Pixhawk

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SX Radio is a data transmission module which adopts XTEND chip and features high power, high rate and high sensitivity. This SX Radio is compatible with pixhawk flight control. SX Radio telemetry wireless transmission moule supports multiple network and topology mode. And transmitter power of SX Radio is up to 1000mw, frequency is ISM 900MHZ.SX is a supper long range datalink, outdoor distance is up to 64km.SX Radio has same function as XTEND data transmission module, but SX radio is smaller and lighter.SX datalink provides a stable data transmission between drone and ground.



Size: 52x39x16mm, 59x39x16mm
Weight: 39g(without antenna),62g(with antenna)
Antenna: RP-SMA
Working Temperature: -40℃- +85℃
Power Supply: 2.8-5.5 VDC
Transmitting Current: 730mA (5V,1W)
Receiving Current: 80mA (5V 1W)
Sleep Current: 5ua
Power Output: 1mW-1W(0-30dBm), switchable on software
Indoor Distance: up to 900m(max)
Outdoor Distance: up to 64km(depends on the environment)
TX Transfer Rate: 9.6 or 115.2 kbps
Interface Data Transfer Rate: up to 230.4 kbps
RX Transfer sensitivity: -110dBm(9600bps )

Wireless Parameter:

Spread Spectrum: FHSS (Frequency-hopping)
Network Topology: DigiMesh, port to port, node to node, node to multi-node and repeater
Error Handling: Retry and confirm, multiple transmission
FOptions: VID, channel and addressing
Channel Capacity: 10 hop sequence share 50 frequencies
Address Assignment: Each channel offers 65000 network addresses
Encryption: 256 bit AES
Frequency: 902-928MHz
Seriel Data Port: 3v-5v CMOS UART(doesn't support RS232)


Your Purchase Included :

1x Transmitter
1x Receiver 
2x Antenna
1x USB Cable
1x PIXHAWK Data Cable