SMA Male To RP-SMA Female

SMA Male To RP-SMA Female

SMA male plug to SMA female adapter

SMA male plug to SMA female adapter

RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female adapter


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RF adapters cost effective solution, which is high quality and quick combinations by simply screwing two connectors together, with no soldering or crimping required.
RF adapter product line includes in-series RF adapters design and between series adapter designs as well as T and Cross RF adapters. 
Interface types are included in RF adapter ,such as SMA, TNC, N and BNC,which are available in male, female, plug, jack, receptacle gender, in 50 Ohm &75 Ohm impedance and in standard polarity or reverse polarity.
RF adapters are available in quick disconnect (QD), push-on or standard interface , straight, 90 degrees versions,as well as bulkhead ,or 4 hole panel configurations.
RF adapters in standard and high performance with brass body .The stainless steel body will be customized!

1. Material: Goldplated

2, Model: SMA female to SMC female connector;

3.Connection for two-way radio, audio, video, and other test equipment, a mobile radio

As shown, using a wide range of low-frequency device 4

Connecting the low-frequency two-way radio antenna apparatus is widely used in audio, video, and other mobile wireless devices in the test.

Convert From (Adapter End): SMA female; Convert To (Adapter End): SMC female connector

Style: Straight

Series: SMA Series

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