PW-LINK WIFI digital transmission module for Pixhack flight control

PW-LINK WIFI digital transmission module for Pixhack flight control

 P9 Radio Telemetry Wireless Transmission Module pix

P9 Radio Telemetry Wireless Transmission Module pix

PW-LINK WIFI digital transmission module for Pixhawk flight control


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PW-Link  product description

The pw-link model is the data transmission module, 2.4G wireless data transmission module has the following advantages.: 

  • Network processor - high performance,ESP8266; 
  • Radio communication, simple and fast and low cost UDP; 
  • • all kinds of mobile devices can be connected quickly through WiFi module; 
  • It should be used in all kinds of ground station software supporting UDP communication; 

PW-Link product features



wireless standards 

IEEE 802.11g、IEEE 802.11b 

transmission speed 

11g: The highest54Mbps、11b:The highest 


attended mode 


channel range 

1 - 13 

frequency range 

2412 - 2472MHz 

transmitting power 


antenna type 

UFL type 

      Wireless safe 

WPA/WPA2 security mechanism 

communication protocols 

Transparent transmission mode of serial port 

traffic rate 


working voltage; 

5V +- 0.25V 

working current 


working temperature 

-20 - 50°C 

Operation humidity 

10% - 90%RH( noncondensing ) 

Storage Temperature 

-40 - 80°C 

Storage Humidity 

5% - 90%RH( noncondensing ) 




PW-Link Product summary

The pw-link data transmission module is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna version. The built-in antenna version is only suitable for pix flight control near distance and regulate the use of the calibration parameters, and the external antenna version after a number of practical test and reasonable transmission distance is 450 meters. The use of computer mission planner ground station for a long time the connection test, average stability data the transmission signal is maintained at more than 90%. Because of its small size, long transmission distance, stable data, convenient connection characteristics, very suitable for small UAV data receiving several hundred metres. 

PW-Link The whole communication mode is as follows: 


size: 28*17*1.2mm