Multiwii OLED Display Module


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The MWC OLED is used for telemetry and debug of any MultiWii FC with i2C, and with a high contrast ratio and super bright screen viewing data in direct sunlight is no problem. Just some of the functions viewable on the OLED are: status display, MWC firmware version, aircraft mode, unlock status, remote input signal value, The FC output signal value, Gyroscope and acceleration status, Signal period / I2C error, voltage and current (if your MWC has the voltage and current sensor). In programming mode can display and assist to set the parameters, AUX switch function settings, PID parameter adjustment, Accelerator softness / curve adjustment and you even can make and display you own logo, the list goes on. Features: • High brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio • Monochrome 128×64 dot • 3.3V~5V I2C interface • Used for telemetry and debug MultiWii FC. Specs: Dimension: 30mmX26mm Height: 7.0mm Weight: 3.7g/6.9g (include cable)  Included: HO-01 OLED Display Module x 1 4Pin cable 150mm x1