KISS F3 32bit Flight Controller

KISS F3 32bit Flight Controller



PIKO BLX Micro Flight Controller


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Ultra-light, ultra-small and ultra-capable; Don't let the diminutive dimensions of the PIKO BLX micro flight controller lead you to think that there's anything small about its revolutionary performance.

Created specifically for micro and nano FPV racing, the 27 x 27mm PIKO BLX is loaded with features to make it a zero compromise choice for your next racer: STM32F3 micro-controller, built-in PDB, heavy duty 5V 2A BEC, LC RF filter, buzzer, gold solder pads, Sbus inverter, Frsky telemetry...the list goes on! For a really busy FPV racer, you can have everything running at once when you include, OSD, SmartPort, SBus, GPS, LED strip, battery monitoring, sonar AND 6 motors - all at the same time!

The latest STM32F3 microprocessor (ARM-Cortex M4 core) with built in CleanFlight and BetaFlight firmware, industry leading components, LC filter for ultimate interference rejection ensure blistering performance at all times. Add the 2A 5V BEC with built in Sbus inverter and you've got a combination that leaves the rest standing.

Installing the PIKO BLX couldn't be easier either, with gold plated solder points for direct soldering of motors, VTx, receiver and FPV camera making this super-simple.

Industry leading technology, simple installation and incredible performance have been brought together in the perfect fusion that is the PIKO BLX to bring you an all in one solution to wipe the floor with the opposition.

Hobbyking is an authorised distributor for Furious FPV products, so you can be sure that this is the real deal and not a clone.

• CleanFlight & BetaFlight firmware
• Smallest STM32F3 chip flight controller
• Built-in PDB
• Built-in BEC
• Dedicated PPM receiver input 
• Buzzer
• LC Filter
• Gold plated solder pads
• Sbus Ready w/built in inverter
• Telemetry ready (Frsky)
• Battery voltage monitor
• USB support
• Reverse polarity protection
• LED interface
• Low-noise MPU-6000 SPI-bus gyro chip

Type: Micro/Nano flight controller
Processor: STM32F3 w/ARM-Cortex M4 core
Serial ports: UART1/2/3
Voltage: 21V (5s LiPo)
BEC: 2A @ 5V
Max current: 50A
Receiver input: PPM 5V
Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 7.5mm
Mounting holes: 20 x 20mm
Weight: 2.6g