LT-190  carbon fiber frame

LT-190 carbon fiber frame

SAM 220 Frame

SAM 220 Frame

Martian III 220mm 250mm Carbon Fiber Frame


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In stock

Brand name: Realacc
Item name: 220mm
Wheelbase:  220mm
Meterial: Carbon fiber
Frame arm thinkness: 4mm
Frame Top board: 1.5mm
Frame Botton board: 2mm
Weight: 120g(220mm)

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ESC: 12A-20A
Propeller: 5030 5045
Battery: 3S 1500-2200
Flight control: CC3D   NAZE32  F3
Motor: 1806  2204  2205  2206

X-Shape frame made of full carbon fiber material, strong and broken-resistant; symmetrical structure making calibrating parameters easier
With XT60 PDB board
Support 1177 or Runcam camera

Package Included:
1 X Frame Kit
1 X PDB board