Amass XT150 (w/6mm Gold) Connectors - Red & Black (5 pair per pack)

Amass XT150 (w/6mm Gold) Connectors - Red & Black (5 pair per pack)

Amass AS150 Connector pair

Amass Original Connector

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The Amass AS150 is our choice connector for high power applications. We use it on our heavy lifting multirotor builds, like the DJI S1000 and Tarot X-Series frames, as it can reliably handle high voltage 12S setups and its rated at a massive 200amps peak.

The Amass AS150 is a 7mm gold-plated bullet style connector, which provides an excellent, low resistance, contact surface. Furthermore its female plugs are spring loaded to ensure a reliable connection is maintained throughout flight.

The AS150 also has spark suppressing technology. If you’ve ever used a 4S battery, you have probably noticed a small spark when you connect your battery to your ESCs. Well the higher the voltage the bigger the spark; a 6S battery makes quite a large spark and a 12S gives out a real crack. The spark can damage the contact surface of your connectors over time and the current surge that produces the spark in the first place can damage sensitive electronics. The AS150 has a built in resistor, which eliminates the current surge, the spark and therefore the risks associated.

Unlike regular bullets, the AS150’s feature a plastic self-insulating shroud to prevent shorting. The shrouds also have a nice grip making them much easier to disconnect than XT90's for example.

The AS150 connectors are easy to solder thanks to their open sided design and they are just as easy to assemble - they simply screw into their plastic shrouds. The AS150 can accommodate large diameter cable, right up to 8 AWG for higher Amp draw.

These are genuine Amass AS150 connectors. 

  • Patented Anti-Spark Design
  • High Current Handling - Constant 150A / Peak 200A
  • Open Side for Easy Soldering
  • Reusable Threaded End Design
  • Tightening Ring on Female Side to Ensure Good Contact
  • Self Insulating Shroud
  • Compatible with up to 8AWG wire


  • Step 1: Solder the connectors after the cable is pass through the housing.
  • Step 2: Allow soldering joint to cool, screw connectors into housing.
  • Step 3: Connect - the red connector should be plugged in last to prevent spark.