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Lipo Battery for Quadcopter

RC Mumbai deals with the best quality Lithium polymer batteries or popularly called LiPo battery. You can get better performance and reliable power for your RC equipment with the use of high-quality LiPo batteries. 

Best Lipo batteries for Quadcopter

High C rate Lipo batteries are considered best for the proper working of a quadcopter. The cells from Gens Ace Brand and Tattu Brand have high discharge rate to sustain your quadcopter for several flights. 

Uses of Lipo battery in Quadcopter

These batteries find applications in various places like electric RC helicopters, boats, and airplanes. The LiPo batteries are rechargeable and provide small to large energy storage in different size and shapes. They are safer and more user-friendly than other cells. 

LiPo battery packs with XT60 connector have two to six cells connected in series to provide high voltages in RC equipment. The RC cars run best with Lipo batteries that come with a hard case.

Why Choose RC Mumbai for buying Lipo battery?

RC Mumbai is globally recognised to deliver superior quality products. LiPo batteries are available in a variety of specifications. The professional drone owners can explore the cell count, size, C-rating, connector type, quality and price of the battery before selecting the best. The lithium polymer batteries are EFRA approved and thus safe to use. Gens Ace Brand RC quadcopter Lipo batteries with EC 5 connector are available at the competitive price as we are the biggest online seller of LiPo battery in India.

Buy LiPo battery India

If you are searching for long lasting LiPo battery India, go online and pick from a wide range of brands. A variety of LiPo battery charger available that are energy saver and safe. The brands are Icharger, SKYRC and Imax. We are biggest seller of lipo battery charger at lowest price in India. Our lipo battery charger are highly autheticated and tested by our drone experts. Shop with confidence with us because we have limited stock of Lipo Battery charger with us and Chargers for Lipo batteries are very high in demand in India market. Only few suppliers like us are available online which are selling Lipo Chargers for all kind of drones and quadcopters. We have all kind of best lipo battery charger and dual lipo battery charger that will fulfill all your drone needs.

Whatever you need, visit the online store of RC Mumbai, type the product and select the category, you will be able to view multiple range of items. Just surf through them to choose the best-suited product! Simple, isn’t it?

We are the biggest Distributors of Lithium Polymer batteries in India as we promise quality and timely delivery besides a wide variety of products to choose from. Find us and get the products of your choice!