FH318Z V2 HD 18X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

FH318Z V2 HD 18X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

Viewpro Q10F 3-Axis 10X Zoom Camera Gimbal

Viewpro Q10F 3-Axis 10X Zoom Camera Gimbal

SEEKER-18 HD 18X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal

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SEEKER-18 is a professional 3-axis Gimbal with 18X Optical Zoom Camera that designed for small multicopters. SEEKER-18 features high strength, good vibration absorbing and corrosion resistant, it can adapt to bad working conditions. The SEEKER-18 is small and light, also has an exquisite appearance. SEEKER-18 is driven by three powerful motors which could keep the camera steady under any states. SEEKER-18 adopts advanced 3-axis stabilization, it can let the camera keep stable during the movement, and the motor is controlled by high-speed processor, it keeps the camera at a steady shooting angle even at high speed and intense shaking.SEEKER-18 carries one 18X optical zoom camera, the 18X optical zoom camera can capture details over distance. SEEKER-18 is equipped with advanced stability system which can makes real-time compensation with camera shaking, and could ensure the stable and smooth images even on the tele end. SEEKER-18 can be applied in many fields like military reconnaissance, police investigation, police surveillance and evidence collection, power line inspection,disaster prevention and mitigation,emergency monitoring and rescue etc. 


Material: Aviation aluminum alloy,Nylon
Size: 156x156x145mm
Weight: 600g
Working temperature range: -5℃~45℃
Input Voltage: 4S~6S (14.8~22.2V)
Range of control angle: -40°~40° (Roll),-120°~30° (Pitch);-170°~170° (Direction angle)
Control precision: 0.03°
Control signal: PWM, SBus, serial communication
Output interface: AV analog output, miro-HDMI output
Storage: TF Card(maximum support 32G), recommending to use the class10 SDHC



-All in one design, the 18x zoom optical camera included.
-Compact structure yet easy to install.
-Plug and play with new intelligent solutions.
-The magnetic encoder can accurately sense the change of motor motions. 
-The seamless shaft rotating technology brings a smooth operation.
-Secured built-in motor ensures an orderly rotation to avoid the possible stranding.


Camera features:

Lens:18X optical zoom lens
Sensors: 1/4" 3 megapixel CMOS sensor 
Video output resolution: 1280*720@60fps 
Storage resolution 1080P
14MP shoot
Focus time: <2S
Automatic white balance: support 
Auto gain control: support 
Auto color correction: support
Wide dynamic: support(dynamic range can reach 105dB)


Your Purchase Includes:

-1x Foxtech SEEKER-18 HD 18x Optical Zoom Camera
-1x Foxtech SEEKER-18 3-axis gimbal
-8x Damping Component
-1x Cable 
-1x User Manual