• Specifications:


    Parameter Range or Value Resolution
    Voltage 0-60V (*1) 0.01V
    Current 0-100A peak (*2) 0.01A
    Power 0-6000W 0.1W
    Charge 0-65Ah 0.1mAh
    Energy 0-6554Wh 0.1KWh
    Temperature 0-150℃/32℉-302℉ 1℃/1℉
    Auxiliary Power 4.0V-60V
    Dimensions 51.3*42.9*13.7mm
    Net Weight 42g/1.48oz
    Display 26.5*28.5mm LCD

    (*1).0V minimum with auxiliary power.

    (*2)50A continuous, 100A peak, assumes device’s wires are in free air and attached to connections at or below temperature of 35 flow.

    100A operation time depends on ambient temperature and wiring temperature.

  • Additional Information

    Weight 0.25 kg