• FrSKY ACCST technology is proven, approved by many model associations, tested and reviewed as the leading Chinese 2.4Ghz R/C Technology. If you think DSM2 or FASST is the best, think again!
    New FrSKY ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) gives you secure radio communicatios in 2.4Ghz band. ACCST 2.4GHz system shifts 80 channels around hundred times per second in the 2.4GHz band. This means that the system is completely resistant to interference in that band.

    Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCSTis our advanced tecnology it shifts channel hundred times per second and there is no signal conflicts and interruptions) robust frequency agility.
    Easy to bind and very fast link-up.
    Excellent reboot time.
    True Diversity with two antennas.
    All channels can be programmed with Failsafe, quickly and easily.
    Quick and extremely stable in performance.
    Precise and smooth servo response.
    Extended range (1.5km-2.5km).

    Receiver Specification:
    Operating voltage: 3.0~16V(HV Version)
    Power consumption: 30mA
    Resolution: 3072
    Latency: 22ms
    Number of channels: 8
    Range: 1.5km-2.5km
    Dimensions: 44 x 24 x 14 mm
    Weight: 9.3g

    1 x 8-channel receiver V8FR-II (HV Version)

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    Weight 0.25 kg
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    1. 5 out of 5


      I was having issues with my old Flysky 9x 2.4GHz 9CH Transmitter with signal losses so I brought the FrSky DJT-JR 2.4GHz Transmitter Telemetry Module and upgraded it with FrSky V8FR-II 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver (HV). My problem is solved as the FrSky V8FR-II 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver (HV), it works great, easy to bind and setting fail-safe is very simple. Range checked OK. No jittery servos.These receivers are very efficient and light, You can’t find a better deal, long range, reliable, strong linking signal and cheap. I’m using it for my quads and tricopters with very good results.

    2. 5 out of 5


      It is glad to know your problem is solve.I am also having same problem , So have plan to upgrade with Frksy receiver for long range.This module is demanding range upto 2.5km. could you please confirm me what is the max range you are getting with this receiver.

    3. :

      yes its upto 2.5km los

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