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RC car batteries

Cells have chemical energy storage to power the RC cars, and a variety of sets are available for different uses. The range includes rechargeable, AAAs, NiMh, LiPo, NiCd, Alkaline and more. Most of the batteries come with the compatible chargers. The electric RC cars get proper power with these RC Car batteries.

Batteries for RC cars

Alkaline- These types of series are used in transmitters, TV remotes etc. These have better performance than the less expensive non-alkaline ones. The alkaline batteries provide a high and quick current flow.

LiPo- Lithium polymer batteries or LiPo are lightweight, high density, with consistent power discharge. These are used in cellular phones, tablet computers, and RC equipment. Due to its low weight, it is compatible with aircraft.

NiCd- It is a type of rechargeable battery used in portable computers, camcorders, drills etc. It provides constant voltage by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. Its most significant disadvantage is that it causes environmental pollution while the advantages include lightweight, higher energy density, and longer battery life.

NiMH- An easy to maintain battery providing large amounts of energy is the NiMH battery. It finds uses in digital cameras, MP3 players and GPS units. The battery life is maximum five years, but it can be reused many times after charging making it a cost-effective source of energy.

You can choose the best suitable batteries for RC Cars. The factors to be kept in mind while selecting the RC battery and charger are-

  • Cost-effectiveness- Batteries for rc cars must be budget friendly if you are on a tight budget. Moreover, you must search for affordable ones as it is not advisable to invest much on a single RC part if you are getting all the things in low-price.

  • Weight- It is much more significant in aircraft than in other RC products. However, it is damn easy to handle a low-weight battery than a bulky one.

  • Connector and ESC- go through your device and check its connector type and ESC compatibility before ordering any battery and charger.

RC car batteries online In India

RC Mumbai is the biggest online seller of RC car batteries in India displaying a wide variety of EFRA approved products ranging from Gens Ace Brand RC car Lipo batteries, Tattu brand car Lipo batteries and more with different specifications. The unsurpassable quality and unmatched superiority of products with timely delivery make it worth to order the RC products from our store. Our batteries for rc cars are highly authenticated and tested by experts.